J-Rock Fridays Vol. 97

May 17, 2013

385- “Koi Ga Wakaranai”

The hardcore jazz trio 385 finally released their first album earlier this month and it’s as crazy as its lead single. Don’t let the slow piano intro fool you!

sloppy joe- “Once and For All”

It’s hard to tell what’s going on in this video with all the washed out colors, but that’s not going to matter when euphoria strikes after the trumpet hits its stride.

Momo Kazuhiro- “Rock’n’roll Heart (Is Here To Stay)”

Mo’some Tonebender’s fearless leader is once again on the road in support of his second solo album. This extra long single has plenty of rock’n’roll staples, such as the never ending do-do-do’s.

VDX- “New Year”

VDX punks don’t need a reason to celebrate the new year in the middle of May. Just don’t say goodbye and we’ll be all right.

Puffyshoes- “Heatwave”

Soon and very soon the summer heat will be unbearable and my job will be a real bitch. Until then, watch this cute Puffyshoes video about a missing cat person.

Hinomari- “Metalzone”

It’s a kaleidoscope of math rock in this new instrumental single of Hinomari’s. They do have singing songs, but it’s cool seeing them jam together in a tight studio space.

Senkawos- “Songbird”

Another instrumental band jamming in the studio, although much less in your face. “Songbird” is a light, airy song that you can picture a bird flying to.

Za Ningen- “Jinrui

Attack of the eyepatch girl! Check that off the anime fetish come to life list.

The Face- “Train Song”

Are you ready? Are you ready? The train’s a coming boys and girls. The Face has the classic rock’n’roll look going on. Slicked back hair. Suits. Class in a trainyard.

Hey-Smith- “Living In My Skin”

Back in the studio, Hey-Smith has a fun ska punk song with a positive message. Write for yourself! You can’t be happy if you’re expecting a hit.

mitsume- “Entotsu”

A quiet nighttime drive through the rainy city will lead you to a brilliant country sunrise.

Smellman- “Corona”

Maybe it’s just because I’m in love with Pitch Perfect, but a Japanese a capella group singing about corona is just too awesome.


Band Links

385: web, CD Japan

The Face: CD Japan

Hey-Smith: web, CD Japan

Hinomari: web, CD Japan

mitsume: web, CD Japan

Momo Kazuhiro: web, CD Japan

Puffyshoes: web, buy 

Senkawos: web, CD Japan

sloppy joe: web, Jet Set Records

Smellman: web

Za Ningen: web, CD Japan

VDX: web, CD Japan

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