July 3, 2013

myspace band of the week


Language is an electronic/post rock band from Tokyo. Yosuke Kakegawa (guitar/computer) and Naoyuki Honzawa (guitar/computer) were dance and techno producers/DJs in the 90s and formed Tomisiro in 2001. Tomisiro has produced music and visuals for films and anime like Sgt. Frog and Rinne no Lagrange. In 2009 they formed Language with Kaori on vocals. Their first two albums Slower Than Summer (2009) and Northern Lights (2011) pays tribute to the boy’s clubland days with vocals reminiscent of Everything But The Girl. Next week Language will release their third album. The first two singles “Hikari” and “Inazuma” shows the band going in a more rock direction. You can preorder magure at CD Japan.



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