J-Rock Fridays Vol. 101

July 5, 2013

So I’ve been doing J-Rock Fridays biweekly for the longest time. Let’s see how long I can keep this up every Friday.

saisa- “Blessing the Circulation”

To tell you the truth, the post rock scene hasn’t been doing much for me lately until I found saisa’s cassette tape last year. Their melancholic instrumentals and off kilter vocals struck a chord with me that bands like Mono have failed to do with their extravagant orchestras. “Blessing the Circulation” comes from their debut album, released last month by Chinese label 1724 Records (apparently the first debut of a Japanese band on a Chinese label, politics).

salyu × salyu- “Jibunngainai (Studio Live Version)”

Ghost in the Shell fans were surprised by the announcement of a new OVA series this year. Instead of going with Yoko Kanno for the music department again, they chose Cornelius who then reunited with salyu for the theme song. “Jibunngainai” continues in the salyu x salyu tradition with Salyu’s ethereal voice and Cornelius’ production touches. Unfortunately, the only project we’ll remember her for (aside from Lily Chou-Chou) when her pop career ends.

BiS Kaidan- “好き好き大好き (Special Edit)”

BiS is back again this week, this time teaming up with members of legendary noise rock band Hijokaidan. Seriously? What kind of idol group does that. This video is a delightful mess, with the girls SCREAMING in blood soaked dresses destroying EVERYTHING. Thankfully, we have a full album of this to look forward to.

Man With A Mission- “Wake Myself Again”

Just think, a few years ago Man With A Mission only had 200 followers and now they’re selling cans of booze for Budweiser, for the second time! Product placement has always been fun to point out in the movies (who went to IHOP after Man of Steel?) and now we’re going to see it more often in the J-Rock videos.

HenLee- “Are You Drunk?”

The HenLee boys cover up their drunkenness by walking around the city in Frankenstein masks. Not a bad idea! Might as well dress up in character if you don’t want anyone to bother you.

Large House Satisfaction- “CM”

Dumpster rock! Large House Satisfaction didn’t want to get their mansion dirty, so they decided to rock out in the grabage dump while a homeless man in a dalmatian mask cuts open trash bags of toys. Don’t let this Santa in my home!

Miyavi- “Secret”

“Don’t make the beats stop between the sheets!” Oh boy, Miyavi’s writing dirty pop songs now. Naturally, dirty pop songs come with erotic videos and “Secret” doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Sometimes it’s hard to tell Miyavi and the girls apart, that doesn’t make me gay, does it?

[Champagne]- “Kick & Spin”

What’s hotter than a couple girls downing pints of beer and fighting over the last dumpling? Prepare for the most epic rock, paper, scissors tournament of your life!


Band Links

BiS Kaidan: web, CD Japan

[Champagne]: web, CD Japan

Henlee: web, CD Japan

Large House Satisfaction: web, CD Japan

Man With A Mission: web

Miyavi: web, CD Japan

saisa: web, bandcamp

salyu x salyu: web


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