July 10, 2013

myspace band of the week


THE CREATOR OF is an alternative/post rock band from Tokyo. Shigeyuki Suzuki (vocal, guitar) and Sakamoto (bass) formed the band in 1994 as junior high friends. The original lineup actually made it pretty far, releasing their debut album Lost Summer Daze on Sony in 1999 and having opened for Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. After releasing their second album In Reservoir in 2002, the band went on a long hiatus due to member disagreements. Shigeyuki released a third THE CREATOR OF album as a solo artist in 2007 as well as creating ambient music under the name Erimin5

In 2011, THE CREATOR OF reformed with the current lineup of Shigeyuki Suzuki (vocal, guitar), Daisuke Takeda (guitar), Hiroki Furutani aka Kuroi Mori (guitar, synthesizer), Sakamoto (bass) and Hiroki Sagawa (drums). Although they have done instrumental songs earlier in their career, their new songs mainly ditch their metal beginnings for atmospheric post-rock. You can download In Reservoir for free at Jamendo.


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