Double Video: bloodthirsty butchers- “Youth” and “Destroyer”

November 2, 2013

Earlier this year, bloodthirsty butcher’s lead vocalist/guitarist Hideki Yoshimura passed away. Luckily for the fans, production for their new album Youth was finished and will finally be released on November 14.

“Youth Parallel Unison” features the same stop motion puppetry we’ve seen in previous butchers videos. This one follows an aspiring circus performer who trains to overcome his fears.

“Destroyer” is a simple live footage video but gives us one last glimpse of Yoshimura’s powerful stage presence.


Video: Pay money To my Pain- “Rain”

November 2, 2013

Pay money To my Pain has released a new soul-searching lyric video for “Rain.” Some lines in particular are especially painful to hear knowning that the song was written shortly before vocalist K passed away last year. The band has decided to release their forth album Gene with K’s final tracks on November 13. It will feature guest vocals from Ken and Teru (Crossfaith), Kyono (Wagdug Futuristic Unity), Masato (coldrain), 葉月(lynch.), Jesse (RIZE, Jesse and the Bonz) and Taka (ONE OK ROCK).


J-Rock Archives: September 2013

October 3, 2013

03 Crossfaith- Apocalze (Omega/Video)

04 Arukara- Munimuni no Ki (CD Japan/Video)

04 the chef cooks me- Kaitentai (CD Japan/Video)

04 Crossfaith- Apocalze (CD Japan/Video)

04 Easy Grip- Easy Grip (CD Japan/Video)

04 Frontier Backyard- Fifth (CD Japan/Video)

04 Fuzzy Control- Rocks (CD Japan/Video)

04 Galneryus- The Ironhearted Flag (CD Japan/Video)

04 Kameleo- Dame Otoko / Gomennasai! (CD Japan/Video)

04 the milky tangerine- sympacity (Video)

04 Mowmow Lulu Gyaban- LoVe SHouT! (CD Japan/Video)

04 Peigy- 20 (Video)

04 Plastic Tree- Doko (CD Japan/Video)

04 Rie Fu- Rie Fu Sings The Carpenters (CD Japan/Video)

04 Ropes- Usurebi (CD Japan/Video)

04 Run Run Runs- Run Run Runs (CD Japan/Video)

04 Shishido Kavka- Kavkanize (CD Japan/Video)

04 TESLA doesn’t know how to cry.- Anderson (CD Japan/Video)

04 Vampillia- Endless Summer (Jet Set/Video)

06 haruka nakamura (CD Japan/Video)

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Keep It Together Releases Two New J-Rock Cassettes!

October 3, 2013


Good news for all you people who still have cassette players. Wisconsin’s Keep It Together Records have once again teamed up with Japan’s Stiff Slack Records to release two more J-Rock tapes. First up is LITE’s Installation, which was released in Japan earlier this year. Next is SZKN’s The Present, who goes by Sizukani Hisomu Hibi in Japan. Pick up both tapes for five bucks a pop here.




Hotel Mexico Split Up

September 28, 2013


Hotel Mexico announced earlier this week that they have split up. Their last single “Out of Gravity” will be released in November on flexi disc from their hometown label Second Royal. Below is their parting video with scenes from their March shows in Los Angeles and Kyoto.


J-Rock Archives: August 2013

September 2, 2013

07 BiS Kaidan- BiS Kaidan (CD Japan/Video)

07 Capella- Kokorokeito (CD Japan/Video)

07 chaqq- Newdays (CD Japan/Video)

07 Hone Your Sense- Tri Jolt (Video)

07 HOTSQUALL- Place in the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kafuka- Kokyu exhale (CD Japan/Video)

07 Kaseki Cider- KASEKICIDER no ANISONG!! VACATION!! (CD Japan/Video)

07 kataomoi- Kataomoi in da house (CD Japan/Video)

07 kids- Issun Saki no Yami Datte (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lapis Lazuli- Blue Enough To Dazzle (CD Japan/Video)

07 Lightning- Raise the Sun (CD Japan/Video)

07 Monster Tairiku- Jyoriku (CD Japan/Video)

07 musiquo- 日比谷 (Video)

07 Neverlost- Believe (CD Japan/Video)

07 Point-Up- Paragon Street (CD Japan/Video)

07 Revolution9- Believes (CD Japan/Video)

07 Rokushiki- B X G X R (CD Japan/Video)

07 SISTERJET with DOTS+BORDERS- ”NEW QUAD” 2 X 2 = 4/very well L.P. (CD Japan/Video)

07 Seiichi Yamamoto- Lights (CD Japan/Video)

07 Space Boys- Love Will Grow (CD Japan/Video)

07 su xing cyu- Comicband Aho no Saisenten (CD Japan/Video)

07 syam- Mittsu no Kokoro no Egurikata (CD Japan/Video)

07 Yoshiharu Abe- G (CD Japan/Video)

07 Ueda Marie- Kokoro / S / Sa (CD Japan/Video)

14 The Dresscodes- Toriko Anime Outro Tautology (CD Japan/Video)

14 Sebastian X- Power of Noise (CD Japan/Video)

14 Silent Siren- Besan (CD Japan/Video)

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Peelander-Z goes metal!

September 2, 2013


“Action Comic Punk Band” Peelander-Z have proven themselves to be kings of the the concept album the past couple of years with a children’s album and the space themed Space Vacation under their belt. On September 10, they’ll be releasing their tribute to 80s hair metal, Metalander-Z via Chicken Ranch Records. Recorded with era-appropriate guitar gear, Peelander-Z took inspiration from classic albums from the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Iron Maiden.

“Ride on the Shooting Star” is the lead single off of Metalander-Z, which they decribe as an “uplifting, coming-of-age, get-the-girl” song. You can download it for free on SoundCloud or with a remix of their “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cover on Amazon.



toe’s discography to be released on vinyl

September 1, 2013


Topshelf Records announced that they will be releasing toe’s discography on vinyl this fall. The Book About My Idle Plot On a Vague Anxiety and a box set including all of the records have already sold out but the preorder for Songs, Ideas We Forgot is still live as well as last year’s release of The Future Is Now. Keep an eye on Topshelf’s Twitter or toe’s page for preorder information for the rest of the records.

Additionally, check toe out on tour in the US this fall.


J-Rock Fridays Vol. 108 End

August 23, 2013

This is it. After 4 years I’m letting J-Rock Fridays go. My warnings were not heeded and it’s time to move on. Starting next week I will start making individual video posts. Stick around, won’t you?

Arukara- 名探偵ミスタ相棒はジョニー

Arukara and their baskerville hound embark on a good old fashioned murder mystery. Do they catch the killer? I honestly have no idea but it’s cool watching them rock out in Sherlock Holmes attire.

tricot- “Oyasumi”

Hey, batter batter! Watch tricot’s lead vocalist strike out a hundred times while her bandmates cover the bases. This may take all night but keep at it, girl.

Frontier Backyard- “Picture of the Sun”

Say goodbye to cloudy days and drive on up the coast for some picture perfect scenery in Frontier’s backyard.

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Sunset Bus

August 21, 2013

myspace band of the week


Sunset Bus is a punk rock trio from Kozushima, Kansai. Satoboy (bass, vocals) formed the band in 2007 with Teppei (guitar, vocals) and Taro (drums) after his band 3.6MILK broke up. Their first mini-album Come Again was released in 2008 followed by a split EP with Choke Sleeper. Their debut album Beer Garden was released in 2012 and they released a new mini-album Happy Hour earlier this summer full of alcohol induced anthems. Reggae over to CD Japan for buys.


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