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Stuff To Look Forward To, June 2012

June 27, 2012

Summer magic.

6/06 0.8 Byo no Shogeki- Vertical J.M. Yayayodo EP (CD Japan)

6/06 Alternative Medicine- Forget About It

6/06 amazarashi- Love Song (CD Japan)

6/06 The Back Horn- Liv Squall (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Boom Boom Satellites- Broken Mirror (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 The Calendar of Happy Days- Masshiro na Dress ni (CD Japan)

6/06 Conny with Goggle-A- Go Go Girl to Twist Boy (CD Japan)

6/06 Czecho No Republic- Dinosaur (CD Japan)

6/06 friendly hearts of Japan- ST (CD Japan)

6/06 Head Phones President- Stand in the World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 hidavicious- Blues (CD Japan)

6/06 hotspring- Void (CD Japan)

6/06 Hotsquall- Driving Squall (CD Japan)

6/06 Jeronimo Brothers- Mentai Corporation, Part 1

6/06 killing Boy- Destroying Beauty (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 knotlamp- Across My World (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 mudy on the sakuban- Zyacalanda (CD Japan)

6/06 The Nampa Boys- Plunge (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

6/06 Nezumi Hanabi- Shougeki to Ballade (CD Japan)

6/06 Nihon Madonna- Band Yamero (CD Japan)

6/06 Not A Name Soldiers- Resist Flags (CD Japan)

6/06 Secret 7 Line- Now Here To Nowhere (CD Japan)

6/06 Shonen Knife- Pop Tune (CD Japan, Amazon)

6/06 The Skippers- Stand Kids In Positive (CD Japan)

6/06 SiMoN- High Heel (CD Japan)

6/06 Sister Jet- Young Blue (CD Japan)

6/06 Shit Happening- No Rain No Rainbow (CD Japan)

6/06 Stompin’ Bird- Demo Tracks 2012

6/06 Sunset Bus- Sunset Bus (CD Japan)

6/06 TV-ADDICTIONS- TV Victim’s Requiem (CD Japan)

6/06 uminecosounds- uminecosounds (CD Japan)

6/06 Wienners- Jugoya Satellite (CD Japan)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, May 2012

May 30, 2012

I guess this will be an end of the month column now.

5/02 andymori- Hikari (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

5/02 Dirty Old Men- Doors (CD Japan)

5/02 Shank- Calling (CD Japan)

5/02 SiM- LiFE and DEATH (CD Japan)

5/04 Dazzle Vision- Shocking Loud Voice (CD Japan)

5/05 The Mari On the Beach- Play Music, Sing A Song (bandcamp)

5/07 Taffy- Caramel Sunset (Club30AC)

5/09 Akai Kouen- Laundry de Hyohaku wo (CD Japan)

5/09 BACK-ON- Ice Cream (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

5/09 EA- Meteo (CD Japan)

5/09 The Flickers- Wavement (CD Japan)

5/09 Good Morning America- Kagayaku Ho e (CD Japan)

5/09 Keytalk- KTEP2 (CD Japan)

5/09 Kinoko Teikoku- Uzu ni Naru (CD Japan)

5/09 jizue- Novel (CD Japan)

5/09 Liaroid Cinema- inletPAGE (CD Japan)

5/09 Owarikara- Q&A (CD Japan)

5/09 rega- Solt & Plum

5/09 The Romantic Six- Stardust (CD Japan)

5/09 Sister Jet- Shirokuma (CD Japan)

5/09 tricot- Shogakusei to Uchu (CD Japan)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, April 2012

April 25, 2012

Another month full of releases I can’t afford.

4/04 Applicat Spetra- Spectacle Orchestra (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 ar- YON (CD Japan)

4/04 B’z- Go For It Baby (CD Japan)

4/04 The Cigavettes- We Rolled Again (CD Japan)

4/04 BOYZBOYZBOYZ- Electric Evil Make Bomb (CD Japan)

4/04 Champagne- Schwarzenegger (CD Japan)

4/04 Deathgaze- Creature (CD Japan)

4/04 Earls Court- Resurrection (CD Japan)

4/04 Fake Face- Dichotomic (CD Japan)

4/04 group_inou- Monkey / Judge (CD Japan)

4/04 ivory7 chord- Pentagram (CD Japan)

4/04 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Candy Candy (CD Japan)

4/04 LM.C- Strong Pop (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 Man With A Mission- distance (CD Japan)

4/04 Para:noir- nihilism (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 recoride- MP3 no Danmatsuma (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 Sukippara ni Sake- Boku No Chi (CD Japan)

4/04 tokyo blue weeps- What Happened In Yesterday (CD Japan)

4/04 VA- Nevermind Tribute (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/10 VA- Vivid Covers – A 20th Anniversary Tribute To L’arc~En~Ciel (Amazon)

4/11 Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, March 2012

March 26, 2012

This is probably too late for anyone to care, but I finally had time to finish it and why should I delete hours of work. Capsule!

3/01 Haushinka- Wayah!! (Amazon)

3/02 Shit Happening- Sing

3/05 ONINKO!- ニュー ONINKO! (Jet Set)

3/07 ammoflight- Sakura Graffiti (CD Japan)

3/07 Apoptosis- Street Ask (CD Japan)

3/07 Baby Metal x Kiba of Akiba (CD Japan)

3/07 The Back Horn- Sirius (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 capsule- Stereo Worxxx (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 Curly Giraffe- Flehmen (CD Japan)

3/07 Guitar Panda- Rockin’ In The World (CD Japan)

3/07 HY- Parade (CD Japan)

3/07 Itsue- Ikutsumono E (CD Japan)

3/07 KIDS- L to L (CD Japan)

3/07 kyojaku.- 孤高の画壇

3/07 MUCC- Nirvana (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

3/07 OLDCODEX- Cold Hands (CD Japan)

3/07 Paionia- Sayounara Paionia (CD Japan)

3/07 Quattro- 4 (CD Japan)

3/07 Ryo Hamamoto & The Wetland- ST (CD Japan)

3/07 Sakura Merry Men- Qucarium (CD Japan)

3/07 The Slut Banks- Chikuro (CD Japan)

3/07 Urbangarde- Umaretemitai (CD Japan)

3/07 Wasureranneyo- ST (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, February 2012

February 19, 2012

A lot of cool stuff for a warm February including new albums from Polysics, te’, L’arc~en~ciel, the telephones and Asparagus. Electronic act Jesse Ruins will be putting out their first EP on US label Captured Tracks as well. Don’t know what to get? The second volume in the Free Throw compilation series features 30 of the best indie acts in Japan.

2/01 The50Kaitenz- Rock’n’Roll Love Letter (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/01 butter butter- Recycle (CD Japan)

2/01 Triplane- V (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/01 Salyu- Lighthouse (CD Japan)

2/01 Spitz- Orutana (CD Japan)

2/02 SHANK- Wake me up when night falls again (CD Japan)

2/03 Veronica Veronico- Vero Und Nico (CD Japan)

2/08 6% is Mine- Idoltic Punk Covers (CD Japan)

2/08 ACIDMAN- The Best (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys- S/T (CD Japan)

2/08 The Bawdies- Rock Me Baby (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Buzz the Bears- Sanjuso (CD Japan)

2/08 Calmera- Mix Modern Covers (CD Japan)

2/08 FLiP- Wonderland (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Jake stone garage- Feels (CD Japan)

2/08 hac0-mofu- Ashita kara Ganbaru (CD Japan)

2/08 Half-Life- replay (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 L’arc~en~ciel- Butterfly (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Meme- alku ringo (CD Japan)

2/08 mimitto- N!O! (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Porno Graffiti- 2012Spark (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Psysalia Psysalis Psyche- #7 (CD Japan)

2/08 ROACH- No Reason in the Pit (CD Japan)

2/08 Silent Siren- Saisai (CD Japan)

2/08 SR- Felicity (CD Japan)

2/08 VA- Free Throw Compilation Vol. 2 (CD Japan)

2/08 the telephones- D.E.N.W.A e.p. (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- on the remix (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 White Ash- Kiddie (CD Japan)

2/08 winnie- Forget me not (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, January 2012

January 18, 2012

I haven’t posted the bulk of my best of 2011 lists yet, but the show must go on. The first weeks of 2012 were slow, but  we got new BIGMAMA, ent, FACT, the pillows and a few best-of compilations this month.

1/10 Corona Sessions- Corona (CD Japan)

1/11 cali gari- 11 (CD Japan)

1/11 The ChronoHEAD- Supernova (CD Japan)

1/11 CLEAVE- The Circle EP (CD Japan)

1/11 Dir en grey- Uroboros Remastered and Expanded (CD Japan)

1/11 FACT- Burundanga (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/11 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- Just Awake. (CD Japan)

1/11 Gold & Saint- I Am You Are Me (CD Japan)

1/11 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Tsukema Tsukeru (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

1/11 Margaline- Let It Go

1/11 PLASTICZOOMS- Starbow (CD Japan)

1/11 shibuyamicrofuture- Sing A Song (CD Japan)

1/11 soreizenni- Jidai ni Requiem (CD Japan)

1/11 tokyo pinsalocks- Hallelujah Girls (CD Japan)

1/11 VA- Catch All Your Stuff 4 (CD Japan)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, December 2011

December 21, 2011

The last month of releases for the year. Maybe I’ll be able to put up these lists on time next year! December isn’t the best month to release your music with end of the year lists coming out, but there’s still some good stuff here such as Nujabes’ final album and the debut of supergroups The Dekits and Love and Hates.

12/01 umbrella- Samidare (CD Japan)

12/03 Nujabes- Spiritual State (CD Japan)

12/07 BALZAC- Deranged (CD Japan)

12/07 Black Borders- Rush (CD Japan)

12/07 The Dekits- DE KIT 4 KEY’S (CD Japan)

12/07 EeMu- Nothings (CD Japan)

12/07 FLiP- Hoshii Mono Ha (CD Japan)

12/07 Galileo Galilei- Asu He (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

12/07 Geeks- Punklassic

12/07 HiGe- Soredeha Minasan Yoi Tabi Wo (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

12/07  Left- Kimi to Uchu to Boku no Koe (CD Japan)

12/07 lego big morl- Re: Union (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, November 2011

November 16, 2011

11/01 Between Life And Death- Transience

11/02 10-FEET- Sono Muko e (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 Balloon- Invitation to the Unknown (CD Japan)

11/02 The Cigavettes/Holidays of Seventeen/Quattro- Rock’n Roll Train Disc

11/02 Deathgaze- Useless Sun (CD Japan)

11/02 Egg Brain- 7 Dishes You Wanna Eat (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 The Flickers- Wonderground (Amazon)

11/02 Going Under Ground- Ai Nante (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 golf- Paradise Gang (CD Japan)

11/02 Harvard- Hahvahd (CD Japan)

11/02 Hemenway- Listen (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 Kaminarigumo- Smash This World (CD Japan)

11/02 Kuroneko Chelsea- Anagura (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, October 2011

October 16, 2011

Hey there.

10/05 The Autocratics- Loyalty To The Convictions (CD Japan)

10/05 BBQ Chickens- Crossover and Over (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

10/05 Canopies and Drapes- Violet Lilly Rose Daisy (Jet Set)

10/05 Czecho No Republic- Maminka (CD Japan, Jet Set)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, September 2011

September 16, 2011

September is the month for electro with brand new albums from The Brixton Academy and sakanaction, not to mention The_AIU’s debut. I expect all three will find their way on my year end list.

9/03 Atsuhiro Ito- Midnight Pharmacist (CD Japan)

9/07 9mm Parabellum Bullet- Kamome EP (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Analogfish- Koya / On the Wild Side (CD Japan)

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